Standard Indoor Convex Mirrors (Code: MIR150INT, MIR300INT, MIR450INT,)

Quick Overview
  • Ideal for office and retail environments
  • Tough, shatterproof acrylic face
  • Easy to install
  • Fully adjustable viewing angle
  • Brackets included for wall mounting
  • Consider upgrading to our premium grade stainless steel mirrors for harsher environments.

We have two alternatives with our indoor grade convex mirrors. The first is our general purpose, light industrial, acrylic convex mirror suitable for indoor office/retail/factory and undercover applications. This robust, durable acrylic mirror is complete with galvanised colourbond steel backing and fully adjustable metal arm. Wall mounting bracket included. For harsher factory environments and locations where vandals may be a problem, consider upgrading to our heavier duty stainless steel mirrors for just a few dollars more.

To upgrade to a heavier duty mirror with enhanced impact and weather resistance, select our 600mm internal stainless steel mirror. This mirror is ideal for harsher factory environments and locations where vandals may be a problem (only available in 600mm diameter at this time).

Your Guide to Choosing the Right Mirror:
Mirror Size:

Work out your combined viewing distance by adding the distance from the viewer to the mirror and the distance from the mirror to the object/person to be viewed. Viewing distances are subjective and most mirrors will give satisfactory viewing range beyond those shown. If in doubt, always choose the larger size convex mirror.

Internal or External?:

Both our internal and external safety mirrors are weatherproof. However, the external convex mirrors feature stronger brackets capable of tolerating windy conditions and visor to minimize sun glare.

Acrylic or Stainless Steel?:

A stainless steel mirror is undoubtedly heavy duty. This safety mirror is suitable for a number of applications including use in food processing plants, mining environments and areas prone to high vandalism.

Standard Internal Mirror Specifications:
Part No.SizesIncluded BracketViewing Distance
MIR150INT 150mm Wall mount 0-6
MIR300INT 300mm Wall Mount 0-8m
MIR450INT 450mm Wall Mount 0-12m
MIR600INT 600mm Wall Mount 0-20m
MIR800INT 800mm Wall Mount 0-30m